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Wednesday - 03/01/2018 08:13

Understanding gears is the starting point in gearbox selection. There're several factors to consider when selecting the suitable type of gears for an application.
Sometimes,lots of customers ask us if we can tell the difference between a bevel gear and a helical gear & the advantages of cut metal vs.powdered metal.Actually all gears are not the same.Here is some information about gears you should consider when talking to your motor vendor.
Spur: The spur gear has a helix angle of 0°or rather,the teeth are straight.You can find right photo that these spur gears are ready to assembling.
Helical: This is an angle toothed gear. The angle can vary from 1°-45°.Normally the noise level of helical gears would be much lower than spur gears based on same specifications.
Worm: The Worm gear is found in right angle gearboxes. These gears turn a corner.
Bevel: This gear tends to have a lower ratio and run at a higher efficiency than the worm gear.
Well,knowing various characteristics of each gear type isn’t the only thing to consider, here are a few other factors for your Ref.:
Axial Load: The axial load is the amount of weight or pressure along the drive shaft. It is important to use bearings that can withstand the pressure from the weighted shaft. Otherwise, unexpected breakage could occur.
Heat Treatment: Pay attention to whether your gears have been heat treated or not. If gears are heat treated after they are hobbed, it will improve the strength of the gear.
Hobbing: Hobbing is the process cutting the gears found within each gearbox. Not only can you hob gears, you can also have a hobbed shaft. This special hobbed shaft is seen in parallel shaft gearboxes.
Cut vs.Powdered Metal: There are a couple notable differences between powdered metal and cut gears. Cut gears tend to be stronger than powdered metal gears. In addition, cut gears also tend to have a higher tooth accuracy.These gears are typically best for a lower volume build, since they tend to have a higher cost per gear.

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