Gears and gearmotor trends — more customized designs

Wednesday - 21/10/2020 02:37

Gears and gearmotor trends — more customized designs

Gearing and mechanical power transmission, in its fundamentals, remains virtually unchanged. However, innovative variations are becoming increasingly common and include more custom gearing, compact designs, and better gearboxes and servo-gear sets.
Manufacturers are offering designers more customized solutions via more in-house engineering resources, simplifying the design process. More custom solutions also means greater integration with other components in a design, better connectivity and fewer compatibility issues.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, business has changed in many ways across the board for many industries. Gearing and mechanical power transmission is no exception. Manufacturers are reporting a rise in new applications. For example, Dolin a manufacturer of gears and gearmotors and other mechanical power transmission components, notes that they have seen an increased demand for factory automation and electrification of off-highway machinery.

The company also has developed gearing for high-load robotics applications. Their series flange-mount servo planetary gearhead features high positioning accuracy, high compactness, high tilting moment and overload capacity. The backlash is as low as 3 arcmin and has extremely high torsional stiffness. The gearhead fits perfectly in applications with high dynamic load changes where precise positioning is still required.

Gearing and gearmotor manufacturers continue to make improvements in efficiency as well. In fact, most gearmotor manufacturers are continuing to improve electric motor efficiency per regulations. As Dolin sees it, motor regulations are fine for direct drive applications, but when applied to a system, the regulatory governing bodies need to also take the overall performance into consideration. That’s why the company takes a complete view of the customer’s machine and necessary performance and applies the product that best meets the requirements combined with the total cost of ownership.

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